Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Growing Up

I think my git of a son may have grown up a bit.

He organised a party, for no particular reason, on Saturday night. He didn't ask us. He just did it. He comandeered the straw bale house and invited, he said, "about 16 people".

There must have been at least seventy. Car loads of fifteen year old girls turned up. Presumably taken by their parents. They were dropped off and left all night without so much as a "how are you?" or "where are the grown ups?".

Some gatecrashers came and it all got a bit out of hand. Things were stolen (X-box and games), things were broken. In particular my daughter's brand new bed, that we bought two days previously has been wrecked.

We went to the police. Despite having names and addresses of probable offenders and a registration number of the moped on which the X-box disappeared, it seems there is nothing they can do.

"Unless you actually saw them taking it..."

All rather pathetic, but we now have a rather more contrite GOAS.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Simple Things

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday.

I'm not writing this for the congratulatory comments but to let you know that one can still enjoy birthdays at this ripe old age.

In the morning I ran my second half marathon which I completed in just under 2 hours 30 minutes. Then there was lunch with friends.

In the afternoon, I went to a guitar workshop/masterclass with John Renbourn, followed by a concert with both Renbourn and Pierre Bensusan.

Bensusan's artistry on the guitar is undiluted pleasure. Whether you attempt the guitar or not, you could not fail to be utterly spellbound by his devotion and effort to express himself through music. He is sensational.

A lovely day.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Squashed Frog

On Friday I was asked to play at the Trafalgar Day celebration in the village hall.

It was a very villagey thing that smacked of villagey England. The less said about my playing though, the better.

I drove there through the blustery wet weather when I spotted what I thought was a leaf being blown across the road. I realised too late that it was a tiny frog.

I squashed the poor bugger.

It was only later that I thought "how apt".

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Song Selection

I've spent the entire morning on a probably fruitless task of applying for jobs and following up with phone calls.

I've taken time out to write this post. I enjoy this. I feel as though I'm talking to someone as I write, and it's a nice feeling.

Because of my predicament, I find myself playing and singing more in pubs and clubs. There can't be a singer who hasn't sung someone else's song. If you are good, you can perform mainly your own songs, but it is hard work; even if you are good.

Singing and playing a new song is a major investment in time and effort. Apart from learning the words, there's the arrangement and intros etc. This is complicated if, as is increasingly the case with me, you play with other musicians.

I select a song because I like it and on an estimation of how I will feel when eventually, I sing it properly.

Sometimes the songs fall short of my expecations, often they meet them, but sometimes, if I am very lucky, they exceed them. These songs, for some reason, are far more lovely to play and perform than I ever imagined.

The trouble is, I can't figure out why. I guess there needs to be some magic somewhere.