Saturday, March 11, 2006

The National Forest

Twice recently it has been my pleasure to drive in a north easterly direction on the picturesque M42 through our National Forest proclaimed proudly by a large sign. Lovely!

No, I didn't know it was there either.

How encouraging to be living so close to this national treasure, a large forest in the heart of the midlands.

Except it's not.

It's just, er, scrubland around Birmingham.

Read more about it here.


At 1:20 pm, Anonymous Rich said...

I've also heard the expression "the National Flock" meaning chickens everywhere in England. So I'm guessing "National Forest" means all trees everywhere. Mind you, vast tracts of bare Welsh hillside are called "Fforest Fawr" on the map so maybe the National Forest is any bit of land without brick or tarmac on it.
"Down in the Forest nothing stirred, not even a dog stirred." You have to read it out loud.



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